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Funny stuff my kid says

Posted on May 2, 2011 at 7:52 pm, by knitwit
in Category Just Chattin', Knitting, Life

So today L and I were catching up on some episodes of of Upstairs, Downstairs I had recorded on PBS.  Agnes had just given birth to her baby and the baby was crying.  L, the sweet hearted kid that he is, reached out to the TV and said “Oh, there’s a baby! The baby is crying! It’s ok Baby!  Shhh shh…it’s alright now Baby!” 

Enough to melt a Mama’s heart completely.

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Where are you going, where have you been? *

Posted on April 26, 2011 at 1:52 pm, by knitwit
in Category Color work, Fun Stuff, Hats/Scarves, Knitting, Life, Mittens/gloves

This p0st is so long overdue! So where indeed am I going and where have I been?

Well our lives the past several months have revolved mainly around transforming this:

basement bedroom1

closets before demo

demo'd closets

demo'd closets

into this:

finished bedroom with carpet

finished closets

There were some bumps in the road like this:

the culprit: unsafe stepstool


Which led to this:

one unhappy guy and his little buddy

I also suffered a hand injury which greatly hampered my knitting for some time!  Sadly no pictures to share.

Along the way we celebrated this:

L turns 3, B turns...uh..old

L turns 3, B turns...uh..old

I did manage a bit of Christmas knitting (tho I didn’t manage any decent photo shoots) like this:

B's 2nd striped vest


and this:

Corrie Fair Isle Vest (KnitPicks) for my sis


Running Stitch Skirt from Interweave Knits

 and these:

Hermione's Deathly Hallows Hat

Hermione's mitts

Both of which I designed myself and gifted to my fabulous niece for Christmas.

And here’s a spoiler for my current project in progress, which will also be gifted to my fantastic niece:

Leah's sweater

(10 points if you can guess the inspiration for this sweater!)

So as you can see it’s been a very busy 6 months here!  We still have a lot of home improvements yet to complete and the knitting basket is always overflowing, but hopefully I’ll pop in more often to let you know where I’m going.

*Title mercilously stolen from one of my favorite short stories “Where are you Going, Where Have you Been?” By Joyce Carol Oates.

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Funny stuff my kid says

Posted on April 26, 2011 at 11:29 am, by knitwit
in Category Knitting

Today I found L taking the front cover off of our vaccuum cleaner.  I asked him what he was doing and he said he was changing the vacuum’s diaper. 

I wonder what he would have done if I’d have let him continue with his task??

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Matchy matchy

Posted on December 22, 2010 at 10:31 pm, by knitwit
in Category Knitting, Sweaters

The holidays are fast approaching, and I still haven’t blogged about a photo shoot we did clear back in OCTOBER!  Guess I’ve just gotten so caught up in all the business of the holiday season and blogging has once again gone by the wayside.  Before the holiday madness hit, we spent the last glourious autumn day having a photo shoot.

Over the course of the last year I became obesessed with vests like this one from Hello Yarn, and this one from BrooklynTweed.  I am always so sure that I can whip up a design out of my own head, that I rarely bother to buy patterns (in spite of the fact that it would be so much easier to have the work done for me), so I worked up my own desgin based on these. (Though I will note, that I did end up purchasing Jared Flood’s fantastic Alberta pattern just to see how it compared with the one I struggled to create on my own…and mine was actually pretty close, I’m pleased to say!)

KnitWit’s version: Striped Noro Vests.

For my vest I used Noro Kureyon #95 approx 3 skeins and 3 skeins of Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride in Onyx.

The one thing I would change is the waist shaping I added.  I DO think the waist shaping is necessary to give the vest a more feminine shape, but should I knit the vest again I would space the shaping rows out more.  I placed my decrease rows too close together and thus my shaping was pretty severe…which has the unfortunate result of making the bottom of the vest bloom out like a puffed sleeve, accentuating an already not-so-flattering area of my torso…in otherwords, it’s shaped like a giant love handle and I really don’t need any help in that area!

Otherwise I’m pleased with how the vest turned out and I love the way the funky clown colors of the Noro work with the black to give the vest a funky look but not look totally overwhelming.

And because I have to keep knitting something until it’s perfected (in my eyes), the hubby got a vest too!

Mr. KnitWit’s vest was made from Brown Sheep Lamb’s pride again in Peacock and a color of Noro that I could not name, due to the fact that I lost the ball band ages ago…but it was black, gray, turquoise and had even a touch of burgandy here and there. 

Here’s the hubs with little KnitWit in his tomten jacket.

The pics really don’t do the colors justice, the peacock is much brighter but works well with the Noro.  It’s amazing to me how the bright colors can be so toned down by the darker tones, in my vest the solid black yarn, in the Hub’s case, the darker shades of the variegated Noro really tones down the brightness of the solid main color.  I find the overall effect very pleasing and I think it looks great on the hubby.

Not to mention I love the versitility of a vest.  It can be dressed up or down, with slacks or jeans (or in my case a skirt) and for the Hub, who is always hot, it provides that extra layer when the weather gets cool but isn’t as hot and overwhelming as a sweater.

Ane he just plain looks cool in it :)  

I see more vests in his future!

There are a few more sweaters in my cue to blog about, but they will have to wait til after the holiday knitting is done.  By then I may have a few more things to blog about.  Til then, I wish everyone and safe, and joyous holiday and the best of all things in the New Year!

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The Shetland Trader

Posted on November 24, 2010 at 7:56 pm, by knitwit
in Category Just Chattin', Knitting

So I just received my copy of this FABULOUS book today!  I had already perused the e-book which I received when I pre-ordered my copy of the printed version, so I knew what to expect, but there’s something about holding the printed version in my hands that was so much better!  It’s a small book, but packed with SO MUCH!   Jared Flood’s photography is outstanding, (the gorgeous setting didn’t hurt, I’m sure!), and the models: fantastic, including one of my fave designers, Ysolda

I love every one of the designs in this book, and would love to make each one, for myself no less!  I love that each of the designs is totally knitable even for the average knitter, nothing so overly complex or complicated as to make it intimidating, and yet each with enough interesting stucture or stitches to make it interesting and not just dull, mindless, “TV” knitting (not that there’s anything wrong with that…we all need mindless knitting from time to time!).  What I love most about Ms. Johnston’s designs is that they are nearly all knitted in the round.  A girl after my own heart!  I go out of my way to knit almost exclusively in the round, converting flat knitting patterns into the round no matter how much work and creativity and modifications it may take.  I am so terrible at purling, and thus avoid it like the plague, so to have a pattern book where I won’t be having to convert the patterns to fit my style of knitting is so awesome! 

And just so you know (if there’s anyone out there reading this), I am in no way affiliated with The Shetland Trader, or any of the other bloggers/designers listed above.  I don’t get so much as a pat on the back for my high praise of this book, I just wanted to share my excitement and advise any knitters who may possibly check out this blog to also check out this book.  You’ll be glad you did!

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