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To Everything There is a Season

Posted on September 26, 2006 at 11:30 pm, by knitwit
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Turn Turn Turn.  That includes knitting season.  And it's rapidly approaching.  Of course I knit year–round, but this time of year a knitter's fancy turns to thoughts of wool sweaters, cozy mittens, lovely Fair Isle hats….ah Autumn….. 

I know, it's been forever since I've posted.  We have had so much non-knitting related stuff going on around here lately that posting has so gotten pushed to the wayside.  I have a million things on the needles as per usual.  I tried to post some pictures the other day (as the "good" camara has finally made it's way back home to us), but my computer decided to take a crap and all was lost.  We have been having internet issues too and couldn't check email or down/upload anything for over a week!  How do we survive in this technological world when the lights go out?  Wouldn't our pioneer ancestors be ashamed of us! 

In other news, in the past three weeks I have enjoyed having my mother visit twice; and a spur of the moment visit from my Montana-based sister whom I haven't seen in almost 5 years!  It's been pretty great!  Mr. KnitWit and I went camping this weekend with some friends and while we froze our patooties off, had a pretty darn good time.

Fall has come to SD, the weather over the weekend proved that with highs in the 50's and lows in the low 40's.  But we had a glimpse of "indian summer" the past couple of days with sun and highs in the low 70's.  It's that beautiful time of the year when the mornings and evenings are cool enough for knitting comfortably, and the afternoons are warm enough to be outside.  Brad hates Fall as he sees it as the time of year everything dies or becomes dormant in preparation for winter; but I love Fall for the crisp weather and beautiful colors that make me dream of luverly sweaters in burnt orange, brown and deep crimson.  I love being comfortably dressed in jeans and a sweater–but hate knowing that stocking hat, gloves and snowboot weather will ensue.   Midwestern winters bite in more ways than one!  Where we live now in South Dakota is only 90 miles north of where Brad and I both grew up, and we are continually amazed at how much more severe the weather is here than in the part of Iowa we came from.  It's much windier (probably due to lack of trees, and hills and anything else that breaks up a landscape), and typically 5-10degrees colder in winter.  It typically starts getting cold at the end of September, we can have snow by Halloween and the cold and snow can last well into April or early May.  The bummer of it all is that just because it's cold, doesn't mean we'll have snow.  My Christmas gift from B last year was cross country skiis.  We didn't have snow to be able to use them.  We each have snow shoes and enjoyed snowshoeing in the state park in our former hometown.  Haven't had the chance to do that since we moved.  Ugh.  I'd much rather have it warmer and snowier than colder with no snow, but driving it snow is a PITA so that's not much fun either.

Well, that's the weather report from Parker, South Dakota.  The little town that time forgot.  Tomorrow's forecast:  Rainy with a chance of lace knitting. 

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