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Happy Halloween!

Posted on October 31, 2010 at 10:49 am, by knitwit
in Category Knitting

So my little spook was up bright and early this morning…only to be disappointed that trick-or-treating doesn’t start for many long hours…alas…

You see, he’s already got tricks or treats on the brain as we went trick-or-treating at the zoo last weekend.

my little fireman

The costume was made up of things we already had…the rain boots bought last spring, the raincoat a gift from L’s Great Grandma, the hat from a restaurant, the Elmo bucket a gift from my mom, all adds up to FREE COSTUME!

Trick or Treat!

And a pretty darn cute one at that!  But here’s the catch…if I put this coat on L now, for instance because it actually IS raining…he asks for his fireman hat and Elmo and expects to walk down the street getting free candy!   Soooooo…guess we might have to work on that!

What do you mean I don't get anymore candy???

 ANd in the spirit of Halloween….How ’bout a little visit from The Doctor…

I'm the Doctor! Dr. Who? That's right!

 Complete with a hand-knitted scarf!  The scarf pattern was taken from this website.  I used Lion Brand WoolEase and Vanna’s Choice yarns (see more deets on my 2010 knits page).

Dr. Who does a lot of running!

This one was knitted for my cousin Joey who is a huge DW fan.  I was more than happy to offer her my services and give me a chance to knit one of these babies again.

A locked door is no match for my sonic screwdriver!

See…I’ve already made one of these scarves:

Mr. Knitwit's DW scarf

This one was made several years ago for the Hub, who does actually wear it on frigid winter days.  His was made with Lion Brand Woolease in slightly different colors and from a slightly different pattern. 

My first DW scarf circa 2003

It looks a bit longer but that is just that it’s stretched out over the last several years and thus gotten longer and skinnier.  I still like this scarf, and obviously it’s held up well (garter stitch is bound to stretch, no matter what you d0), but I’m really pleased with the different yarn choices in the new scarf, Vanna’s Choice is a bit heavier than WoolEase and it super soft and rich looking.  And I found a great pic of Tom Baker sporting his original scarf and so finally found the proper way to attach the fringe.

Using one strand of each color for each tassel, rather than single stranded fringe in alternating colors, I like this method much better.

that's a lot of scarf!


The Doctor and his faithful companion K-9

The Doctor and his faithful companion K-9


 As usual, click on any of the pics to make bigger, and find more notes on my 2010 knits page.  Happy Halloween from The Doctor, The Fireman and The KnitWit!

the fireman and his mama at ZooBoo

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Posted on October 30, 2010 at 2:49 pm, by knitwit
in Category Knitting, Lace

Well, this last month has just flown by.  Enjoying the last of the warm Fall days, seemingly constant activity, visits from friends and family…all add up to another month gone!  But in a good way :)

But now, as things (hopefully) wind down, we can get back to the real purpose of this blog…Knitting!  So today *drum roll please*  ACTUAL KNITTING CONTENT!

This is Isbel.  The ever popular pattern by the ever astounding Ysolda.  Though I am probably the 5 millionth person to knit this pattern, I don’t care.  Late to the party just means that something once talked about by many many others, now looks fresh and new again, like meeting up with an old friend.  Familiar but like looking at something with new eyes.

And mine does have the unique quality of being made from yarn that was hand dyed by yours truly!  The yarn is KnitPicks superwash sock yarn and I dyed it in the crockpot using KoolAid.  Though I can’t remember the exact colors and quantities now (I dyed this yarn several months ago) I think it was maybe strawberry, black cherry and orange.  I soaked the yarn in water and vinegar, then added it to a warm crockpot and added the drink mix powder just willy nilly wherever I thought it would look good.  Then I simmered the yarn til the dye was exhausted.  I do remember (see I need to blog about these things as soon as I do them!) that when I pulled the skein out, there were several undyed sections though I had tried to squish the yarn around to get good coverage.  So I then redyed it using the same process but with just the red drink mix. 

The color is terribly difficult to photograph.  At least for my poor photgraphy skills.  It’s much more red than you see here, a nice, pretty red, not this orangey-red you see in the photos. 

If I had it to do over again (which I am actually doing, just with a different hand-dyed skein) I would have made the shawl bigger using bigger needles.  The pattern offers 2 sizes and this is the small size.  I was worried I wouldn’t have enough yarn for the larger size, but I ended up with about half a skein of yarn left.  I wish I would have at least gone up a needle size from 6′s to 7′s because the shawl doesn’t like to stay on my shoulders and will probably require a shawl pin to keep it in place.  Otherwise I’m finding myself fiddling with it constantly.  

So overall, I’m quite pleased with the outcome.  The pattern couldn’t be simpler or more well written.  I think I knit this puppy in just under 3 weeks.  It was a perfect way to show off the colors of a hand dyed yarn and the lace was just interesting enough that I didn’t get bored.  A perfect combo of TV knitting and quiet quick-the-kid-is-napping knitting!  A big thumb’s up for Ishbel!!

As tomorrow is Halloween, I will soon be posting some cutie pics of my little Fireman trick-or-treating.  And just as a spoiler, I have so many new FO’s (finished objects for you knitting muggles) I have material to last from now til Christmas!  Stay tuned!

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