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And the leaves that are green…*

Posted on September 21, 2010 at 2:33 pm, by knitwit
in Category Fun Stuff, Just Chattin', Life

All summer long I had been planning on having L’s pictures taken in September when he turned 2 1/2.  Unfortunately, August was an incredibly busy month and that carried into a September that was just as busy; and now it looks like there won’t be a week of appointments or visitors or activities until late October. 

We get so busy, life marches on with all it’s copius activities, hindrences and toils.  We get in a rut where we focus so much on the big tasks, that the little moments of every day go by unnoticed. 

We grumble and gripe at each other, we get frustrated by work, bills, home improvements and repairs (a big one for us!).  All of life’s burdens weigh on us. 

And in the meantime…our children are growing and changing, sometimes before our very eyes. 

I have a million things on my to do list this week, some projects more necessary than others, but all taking precidence over one thing:

spending time with my child.

And that truly pains me.

So this morning, I ignored the “to do” list.  I fought off that nagging feeling that I needed to “do” something and chose instead, to document some of the moments that would otherwise, so easily, slip away.

I have a son who is funny and smart and silly.  He’s a tornado and a volcano wrapped into one.  You never have to worry about what he’s feeling or thinking because he lets you know…in all certainty.

I love him more than anything in the world.

And yet when life gets busy, his pleas for Mama to play are often met with a tense “Not now, Mama’s busy!”  How could I ever be too busy for this sweet face?

I can’t let these moments go by unrecorded.  L will only be 2.5  once. 


Life is so precious and so fleeting.  I just wanted to take a moment and play when I should have been working, to roll in the grass and not care about my clothes getting dirty,

to stop and smell the flowers,

to be silly,

and handsome,

and pretty,

and dorky.

To revel in warm Autumn days that will soon be gone.

Who needs professional pictures when I can capture the essence of a little heart all on my own.

I hope you take the time today to find joy in the simple things and reconnect with the loves of your life.  I wish L’s daddy could have been here to enjoy it with us, but we’ll be sure to share it with him when he gets home. 

*The title refers to a song by Simon and Garfunkel The Leaves That Are Green“.  Lyrics of the first verse:
‘I was 21 years when I wrote this song
I’m 22 now but I won’t be for long.
Time hurries on,
And the leave that are green turn to brown.’

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Blue Ribbon August

Posted on September 18, 2010 at 2:48 pm, by knitwit
in Category Knitting, Lace, Life

So…still trying to catch up on August.  Let’s do this down and dirty, shall we? 

August is County Fair time in our neck of the woods and we always scramble (last minute of course) to find things to enter.  Brad usually enters flowers, me…knitting of course! Duh!

The judges were especially kind to us this year!

ETA:  For some reason my links are not highlighting in the text, so I’ve put them in italics so you, my readers, can see them.  If you click on the italicized text it will link you to more info.  Hope to have this problem resolved as soon as the resident computer guru can take a look at it!

Brad's Blue Ribbon Day Lillies

Brad's Blue Ribbon winning Champlaign Rose.

My knitting also did quite well:

This is my February Lady Sweater, completed last Fall.  I knitted mine from Patons Classic Merino wool in Leaf green.  Here’s a few more pics taken last year at Falls Park.

February Lady Sweater

February Lady Sweater at Falls Park

The color isn’t very true in any of the pics.  It’s really much brighter green.  I just can’t seem to capture it’s likeness very well!

And my last blue ribbon winner is the Swallowtail Shawl by Evelyn Clark.

This little shawlette not only one a blue ribbon, but a special recognition award as well!  Which simply put meant a gift certificate along with the ribbon and the shawl was displayed in a special case with other noteworthy items during the lenght of the Fair.  It’s not best in show, but I’ll take it!

Swallowtail Shawl

I knit this in Jade Sapphire cashmere laceweight, color Autumn Sonata.  The colors are a bit brighter than I would normally wear, but over time they’ve grown on me.  And the yarn is just dreamy…super soft…I mean, hey, it’s cashmere!  I purchased mine at my LYS, it’s really the cream of the crop (.i.e. one skein set me back $45 smackers!), so warm and light and soft…it’s like buttah (as Linda Richman would say LOL!)

And while there were no blue ribbons for Liam…there was a lot for him to enjoy at the Fair too!

Like animals, both exotic…

Fair Camel

 …and not so exotic,

Carousel Rides…

Giant produce… 


And even some dancing…

Walk like an Egyptian...

A fun time had by all.  Can’t wait for next year!

L ready for the fair!

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Posted on September 4, 2010 at 11:09 am, by knitwit
in Category Fun Stuff, Just Chattin', Life

 August was a busy month for us.  And a fantastic one!

My sister from Montana came to visit for 2 weeks and she and L had a wonderful time together. 

We miss her tons!


While Colleen was here, we went to visit our brother Glen and his family on their Farm in Iowa.  One of the best places in the world to be, if you ask me!

With fantastic views:

Interesting wildlife:

Fun stuff for kids of all ages:

Uncle Glen and L Aug 2009

My nephew "Eviel Kneivel"

A Boy in his natural habitat...dirt

Best of all…lots and lots of family!

My sisters, brothers (all but one), nephews, cousins, parents.  All in one place.  Couldn’t be better!

My siblings and cousins

A supremely relaxing weekend.

Next time: August Part 2: The County Fair! With Actual knitting content!

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Conversation while on a Walk with my 2.5 Year Old Son

Posted on September 4, 2010 at 10:19 am, by knitwit
in Category Knitting

Little Bird and Mama


Scene 1: an ordinary sidewalk on an ordinary summer day.
Time:  Mid afternoon
Characters:  L  a rather extraordinary 2.5 year old
                          Mama:  a rather ordinary Mama
Enter stage left Mama and L walk along sidewalk

L:  Mama look!  Puppy!
Mama:  Yes lovey, there’s a puppy. 
   And though she knows he is far tool old for such questions she continues:
Mama: What does a dog say?
L: I can smell you! 
Mama:  Not Dug, L, DOG!  I think we’ve seen UP too many times!  What does a DOG say?
L:  Quack Quack! 
Mama: Not a DUCK, L, a Dog!  Oh man…

L Checkin out Chicks at the fair 2010


Scene 2: Later that day at the Fairgrounds

Enter Stage Right…Mama and L walk through the deserted Fairgrounds, fondly remember the week of the fair…

L:  Wanna go Fair and see the Camel?
Mama:  The Fair is all done, honey, the camel isn’t there anymore.
L: Camel go bye bye? 
Mama: Yup, that’s right, the camel went bye bye.
L: Sheep all gone too?
Mama:  Yep, the sheep are all gone too.
L: Gamma and Gampa go home?  Gamma B go home?
Mama: Yes, they went to the fair with us, didn’t they? But they had to go home to their houses too.
L: Aunt Colleen?
Mama: She went home to Montana, didn’t she?
L: Gamma and Gampa went home in Aunt Colleen’s big truck? 
Mama:  Not quite…
L:  It’s okay.  See ya later camel!

Exit stage left…end scene…

Fair Camel


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