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37 Week Blues

Posted on February 21, 2008 at 11:38 am, by knitwit
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The last few weeks have been a blur.  Seriously, I have lost 2 weeks of my life and I can barely remember what I was doing before then.  I got a nasty case of the flu, fun times when you're pregnant.  I had a sinus infection along with it and I can honestly say I have never felt so much facial pain in my life.  All I could do was sit with a heating pad on my face and try not to cry.  My face and throat were so sore I pretty much lived on jello and ice chips for a week.  I'm only now getting to where I can eat normal food again.  I saw my OB for the first time at my 36 week appointment. I'd been suffering with this illness for a week, and thankfully he prescribed some antibiotics for the sinus infection.  I think I would have died otherwise!  It still took another 5 days to feel better but it was a relief just knowing that I was taking something that was going to help me and thus an end was in sight.  It's been about 5 days since I finished the antibiotics and I'm still congested an have a cough that's caused me terrible rib pain (which means I don't sleep) but I'm hopefully on the road to recovery.

What this all means, however, is that I am 3 weeks from my due date and we have nothing done!!!  B was doing such a wonderful job of taking care of me while I was sick that he didn't have time to work on the projects in the baby's room, and then he ended up sick himself.  Thankfully he wasn't hit as hard as I was and only felt crappy for about a week.  But it's still slowed us up a lot.  I feel so tired, I have to work in little spurts and then rest for a while in between.  But I'm trying to get all the baby clothes washed and put in totes (since we don't have a dresser yet) and start cleaning up the house and getting ready.  We have been shopping for a crib, no small task.  I never would have imagined how expensive cribs would be and most of them are pieces of crap!  I think we have it narrowed down to 2 possiblilites, but we're not in love with either one.  It is just settling because we have to have something and we want it to be something that won't kill our child.  I had really wanted to have the baby's room done by now, and am really disappointed that we aren't even close.  But I don't think B or I ever anticipated it taking this long.  Having to rip out all the plaster and put up new sheetrock in the walk in closet has been a setback.  B is getting close to finishing but things keep coming up to slow us down.   Once the closet is finished we can finally clean the room and decorate.  I hope we can get it done before the wee one actually gets here! 

We still haven't had the chance to try to figure out why my dumb blog editor won't let me use thumbnails anymore.  Stupid wordpress anyway.  But I don't have any pics to share right now, as there has been no knitting in weeks.  I couldn't knit when I was sick and now I'm just too busy.  I have lots of little projects I want to finish up for the baby though, so hopfully I can get those done and maybe get a few pics up in the next few days.

So that's me, done singin' the blues and sharing my woes of the last few weeks.  Hopefully more upbeat posts to come! 


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