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Knits 2008

Posted on January 24, 2008 at 5:33 pm, by knitwit
in Category Knitting

Log Cabin

Log Cabin Blanket
Started:  May 2007 Finished: January 2008
Pattern:  My own inspired by the log cabin blankets in Mason-Dixon Knitting
Yarn:  TLC Essentials 100% acrylic approx. 1 skein each
Colors:  Aran, Lt. Thyme, Med. Thyme, Dark Thyme, linen, Taupe, Dk. Brown, Sandstone, Persimmon,
            Cranberry (or Barn Red), Lt. Plum, Dk. Plum, Claret
Needles:  Knit Picks Options sz 10
Gauge:  Not entirely important

Finished Log Cabin

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And now back to the knitting…

Posted on January 24, 2008 at 5:22 pm, by knitwit
in Category Blankets, Knitting, Log Cabin

The giant log cabin blanket I started last May is finally finished!

Finished Log Cabin

After a long hiatus during the summer where I used the unfinished blanket as a lap blankie when the AC got a bit chilly, I finally stepped up and got the entire blanket finished!

Log Cabin

It's big, I haven't measured it, but it's big enough B and I can sit under it together.  I love it, it's comfy and cozy.

Log cabin on rocker 2

This was just the project I needed after the disastrous mitten experience over Christmas. 

Log cabin on rocker 2 

I know it's made from cheapie acrylic and many of you will cringe, but I totally need my blankets to be easy care.  I just want to throw them in the washer and dryer and not have to worry about it.   Plus I have a cat who thinks that all blankets belong to him…

Eddie on Marjorie's blanket

…so I can't make my blankets out of anything that's too precious.  Sir Edward likes to "knead" the blankets into a little nest, which inevitably means lots of little snags from sharp kitty claws.

Thus the blanet was made from TLC Essentials 100% acrylic yarn.  It took about 1 1/2 skeins of each color.  I bought so many of them, I'm not entirely sure how much exactly.  I have lots of leftovers that I'm going to use for another multicolored blanket.  If I saw them on sale I just grabbed a new skein in the color(s) I was using.  With no dye lots, it makes it a lot easier to just grab a new skein if you run out.    I also opted out of using an i-cord border on this one.  I just used the cream color from the center and "log cabined" a border of 2 garter stitch rows on each side, binding off in purl on the right side.  I wasn't sure I'd like the light border, but now that it's done, I like how it makes the rest of the colors pop.    You can get all the details on my new Knits 2008 page.  Hopefully I'll have more successful knitting projects in 08.  I was looking back over 07 and for all the time I spent knitting, the list of finished knits seems a little spartan.  If nothing else, maybe I'll have lots of knits for wee people, so it will at least look like my time knitting has been well spent!

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32 Weeks

Posted on January 21, 2008 at 5:45 pm, by knitwit
in Category Baby news, Just Chattin', Life

Thought I'd share a few belly shots with everyone…

32 weeks front shot

32 weeks side shot
(a bit hard to see since my stupid blog editor won't allow me to link to the larger sized picture, hopefully I can get that fixed and maybe update the pics)

I'm 32 weeks and 5 days as of today.  It's hard to believe that in less than 8 weeks (give or take) our little guy will be here!  No more strange alien moving around in my belly.  It's a little sad in a way.  I've gotten quite used to being pregnant, and while I can't wait to have this baby be here, it will be weird having him on the outside instead of inside!  While there are things about pregnancy that stress me out and there are physical discomforts, I love feeling the baby move around, looking at his little ultrasound pictures, wondering if he'll look like me or B, and so many other things. 

WARNING:  Excessive pregnancy discussion and ranting to follow….

One thing I won't miss about pregnancy, however, is all the pressure…and I'm not talking about the pressure you feel from having a tiny beings feet up under your ribs and his head on your bladder!  It just seems like there are so many things to feel pressured about with pregnancy, labor and even what you do once the baby is here, that truly drive me insane.  All through my pregnancy it seems I've constantly been bombarded by other peoples' opinions on everything from my diet to whether I should have pain medication during labor to how I should FEED the baby once he's here!  If it doesn't come from family or friends, it comes from pregnancy books, the internet, childbirth classes, and sometimes doctors.  It often seems like these sources believe there is only one way to have a healthy pregnancy, childbirth etc…and I sure as hell am not doing it right.  Sometimes I feel all these outside sources make me feel like I'm far too stupid to give birth and raise a child.  Like I have no common sense whatsoever. 

For the last 7 (going on 8 ) months I have done everything I could to ensure that this baby was healthy; watched my diet, followed all of my doctors orders, undergone all necessary tests, and tried to be as informed as possible about pregnancy and childbirth–I wonder at times if I'm a bit too informed.  I'm sure that when it comes time to deliver this baby, while I have certain things I really want to avoid…like an induction or c-section, if those things can't be avoided, I will do whatever is necessary to ensure that I have a safe delivery and a healthy baby.  Once the baby is here, I hope that people will trust that B and I will make the best choices for us and the baby to ensure he continues to be healthy and grow and thrive.  While I'm sure we'll be asking for help from our family and friends, I also hope that people will respect the decisions we make.  That's been a pretty big fear of mine all along, not having my choices respected.  I'm sure there is always someone who feels they know better than you, and that thinks you're raising your kids all wrong.  I just hope I can be strong enough to not let those people get under my skin. 

Ok, I didn't intend for this to become a rant…but it seems to have.  It's nice to get it off my chest, however, and hopefully if there are any other moms or moms-to-be reading this then they can let me know how they deal/dealt with all the pregnancy pressure.   


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So Neglected

Posted on January 21, 2008 at 5:10 pm, by knitwit
in Category Blankets, Color work, Fun Stuff, Knitting, Log Cabin, Mittens/gloves

I've totally neglected my blog for far too long.  It wasn't entirely my fault, it was down for awhile and it took some crafty work by Hubby to get it up and running again. It's still not perfect. For some reason when I upload a photo, it says there is no thumbnail available so I have to import a larger size into the post, but you can't click on it to make it bigger. I am still recovering from PTSD due to some really disastrous Christmas knitting and so I have had to back away from the needles for a while.  I haven't completely stopped knitting, I've actually gone back to this blanket

Log cabin Macro shot straight
(this you can enlarge, it was imported before the blog demons attacked)

which I started last May.  I will finally finish it and then I can move on to another log cabin style baby blanket that I hope to finish before our little guy gets here.

So why didn't my Christmas knitting turn out?  I blame it all on pregnancy brain!  Every time I tried something it totally bombed.  The only thing to survive was this meager little mitten/headband set:


susie w/mittens
My mother-in-law was the lucky recipient of the only handknitted item to be gifted this year.  The mittens are from Elizabeth Zimmermann's book Knitting Around, but I created my own cuff pattern.  For the headband, I just used a basic Norwegian star pattern and plugged in the right numbers to make it fit.  Kind of a fly-by-the-seat project which, consequently, is why no one else got anything, because as I tried to wing my way through more headbands, they all came out waaaaay too big.  I tried making fingerless mittens for the guys in my family and they also turned out too large.  I don't know what happened to my sense of gauge from the first mittens I knitted…
mittens front/back
and the next several, but something happened and it all turned to crap.  Maybe it's all the relaxin hormones that come with pregnancy and make your joints loosen up that is screwing with my gauge. 

Thus I am temporarily at least turning to projects where gauge is not an issue…like the unfinished giant log cabin blanket.    Maybe I'll have better luck with that!

ETA:  The giant log cabin blanket is done and in the washing machine as we speak!  I'll try to get some pics of it tomorrow.  I'm sure they will be dark and gloomy pics as it is about 10 degrees here and snowing (so no way am I going to try to take pics outside) but I'll see what I can do! 



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