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Posted on October 22, 2007 at 1:25 pm, by knitwit
in Category Baby knitting, Baby news, Color work, Knitting

baby yoke sweater
Fair Isle Yoked Cardigan for Baby

The gloomy weather abated long enough this weeked for me to whip some buttons on this baby and get it out for a photo shoot.  Teddy was a very obliging model, although you may not get the best images of the sweater in the photo above so here are some more detail shots….
Click on the thumbnails to make bigger…

baby yoke sweater before buttons
Here's the sweater pre-buttons.  I followed Elizabeth Zimmermann's instructions for a baby size Fair Isle Yoked sweater as found in Knitting Around.  I'm not sure about the yoke, it seems a bit long.  I fear the armholes may be a little low and this kid may end up looking like a red, white and blue penguine in this sweater!  But we'll see.  I wasn't sure if I'd like the blousy sleeve but we'll see when I actually get to try it on a human.  This was also my first experience with button bands.  Usually if I cut open a sweater for a cardigan I just sew in a zipper with an icord border or something but I figured a baby sweater would be the perfect chace to try my luck.  It went surprisingly well.  I didn't have to rip anything out or start over.  I'm not sure if the buttonholes will be tight enough, I may have to sew them up a little with some matching thread.  I am also thinking of sewing some kind of facing onto the cut edges I tacked under.  They are not very attractive and I worry about them coming loose after a few washings, even though I tried to sew them down very thoroughly.

 baby yoke sweater back detail
The colors in all of these pictures are ridiculously off.  My Crapshot 2000 has got to be the worst camera ever.  Even outdoor pictures do not show the true colors of my knitting.  I hope to someday be able to afford a nice higher end digital, especially with Spike on the way.  I fear he may always look blurry or completely washed out!

baby yoke on chair

The yarn is Knit Picks Swish DK superwash wool in Hollyberry, Dusk, Pale Lemon and White. It is very soft and will be very gentle on baby's skin, but I'm not sure if I like the yarn otherwise.  It relaxed significantly after I washed and blocked it.  I DID make a swatch cap before starting the sweater but in no way did it just sort of lose all it's sproingyness (good English here….) and elasticity the way the sweater did.  I think the sweater is still relatively the same size, I was just amazed at how much body it lost.  But my biggest gripe is that it bled HORRIBLY!  The white in the yoke is now a sort of pale pink and the yellow is not looking so hot either.  I expected some bleeding, but hoped there would be no real color transfer. I even poured some vinegar in the wash water to try to prevent it  (BTW I did NOT wash this sweater in the machine, I did it by hand as I was afraid the steek stitches may come unraveled in the machine).  I am starting to realize why people fork out the big bucks for yarn, even for baby sweaters, as you don't want to see your work ruined because of crappy yarn.  Has anyone else had this problem with any of Knit Picks yarns?  Can anyone recommend a good and not bank-breaking yarn to use for baby sweaters?  I will still use this sweater as long as it fits, and I am not displeased with the work itself, it just didn't turn out as wonderful as I'd hoped.  But, as with everything, we live and learn.  I'm sure this yarn would be great for a solid color sweater, it just didn't work so well for colorwork.

And moving on, here we have a soon to be FO…. 

BSJ in progress

A nearly finished Baby Surprise Jacket (also EZ in action).  This will be my first although I have a second larger size on the needles….somewhere….This yarn is again a Knit Picks purchase, their Bare fingering weight which I then hand dyed with some Wiltons cake icing dyes.  And again, thanks to my Crapshot camera, the colors shown are no where near the real thing.  The real thing is shades of subtle red, blues, and a caramel brown.  Much more attractive than what you see here.  I will try to get some better shots once this officially becomes a FO. Which it never will if I don't get knitting!  So I'm off!  Happy Knitting all!

P.S.  The fuzzy blue hat Teddy is sporting above a la Paddington Bear, is my attempt at a  felted bucket hat knitted from Peace Fleece worsted weight.  I made this sometime ago and have never worn it, but felt Teddy was really missing something without a hat and this one worked perfectly!

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It’s a Boy???

Posted on October 15, 2007 at 10:25 am, by knitwit
in Category Baby news, Knitting

Well, baby "Spike" was a bit modest at the ultrasound, but we're 95% sure he's a boy!  Our tech said to hold on to our reciepts but that she was pretty comfortable saying what she saw was "boy parts."  So B didn't get his pony, but I think having a son will make up for it Tongue out!

Everything looked good otherwise.  It was just amazing to see hands and legs and his little face.  There were 10 fingers and 10 toes (as far as we could see) 2 arms and 2 legs!  Seeing the heart beat was just awesome.  He was also pretty active, we could see him rolling around and stretching, pushing out with his hands and he even yawned twice!  The tech said everything looked great, he weighed about 10ozs, and that he was measuring a little ahead of schedule.  I was 18weeks 1day at the appointment and he was measuring 19weeks and 1day.  So if my dr. decides to change the due date, that would make it March 6, Brad's birthday!  Not that that means Spike will decide to arrive on either my current due date, or B's birthday, it's just fun to think about.  It was just really cool to see this little being that's growing into our baby.  To see him move around and yawn and stretch just like he was waking up from a nap.  It's hard to believe this thing is living in my belly, and kind of weird and Alien like too.  It must have inspired B because he worked really hard on my new office this weekend.  As soon as it's done we can move stuff out of my old office which will become the baby's room.

Non-stop rain and utterly gloomy weather has made it impossible for me to get any knitting pictures.  That and I've been down with a cold since the day after my ultrasound, but I hope to have pictures soon.  Hang in there, the knitting will return!

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Happy Ultrasound Day!

Posted on October 12, 2007 at 9:13 am, by knitwit
in Category Baby news, Just Chattin', Life

In a couple of hours we'll be seeing our baby for the first time!  I could hardly get to sleep last night and woke up way earlier than I had planned.  Oh well.  Hopefully the baby won't be modest and we can find out the gender.  Any guesses boy or girl????

Actually I just hope everything goes well and the baby has all it's little fingers and toes and so on.  Wish me luck!

In knitting news–I have been knitting!  They are FO's but I can take some pretty-close-to-being-done progress shots.  I'll try to get that done this weekend so I can actually have some knitting to show! 

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Tiny Dancer

Posted on October 10, 2007 at 11:36 am, by knitwit
in Category Baby news, Fun Stuff, Just Chattin', Life

Sunday was a pretty memorable day for the pipsqueak, whom we've affectionatly named "Spike"  after one of B's favorite singers Spike Jones,  (I use the term affectionaly loosely here.  When I told B I wanted to think up a nickname for the baby so we didn't have to call it "IT" for 9 months, he immediately said SPIKE! [our last name is Jones]  You have to choose your battles and I gave him the win on this one!).  Anyway, Spike got to attend his first concert–Sir Elton John!!!!

Here we are, ready to rock

Spike's first concert

Not much of a baby bump yet.  But I will tell you secretly that the jeans I'm wearing were a last minute purchase because my "regular" jeans are getting too tight.  These jeans are a size bigger than I usually wear and were much more comfortable for rockin out at a concert.  And they gave more room for the Tiny Dancer in my Belly!

And did I mention I think we're having twins?

I'm carrying one and B is carrying the other for me!

        baby bump        Brad "baby"

We were so excited before the concert, can't you tell?

cheesey shot
what a couple of cheeseheads

It was a totally awesome concert.  I never would have imagined Elton John coming to a tiny podunk arena like Sioux Falls, it only hold about 7000 people.  I guess when you've been performing for 38 years and you've made about a gazillion dollars you don't really care too much about the size of the venue you play in anymore! 

I've loved Elton John for about as long as I can remember and while we should have spent the money on baby stuff, I figured this was a once in a lifetime opportunity and hey, who needs a crib when you have a perfectly good laundry basket the kid can sleep in?!

So that was our last big hoorah before we have to start be respectable, responsible parents and save our pennies for necessities like cribs and diapers and all that jazz.  We're saving the concert tickets for Spike's baby book!

In knitting news, I did manage to get something pretty close to finished yesterday.  Hopefully I can get a few shots today and actually have some knitting to share with you.  Till then…

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Yes, We have no Knitting…

Posted on October 9, 2007 at 10:33 am, by knitwit
in Category Baby news, Just Chattin', Life

We have no knitting today.  It has been so crazy busy I haven't even had the chance to look at yarn!  My mom moved at the end of September, she is thankfully living closer to us now.  I'm so glad to have her nearby for when the baby comes.  The move was more than a little stressful, but it all worked out in the end.  So now I've been trying to help her get settled in her new place.  Not the easiest thing to do as I've been pretty wiped out lately. 

Baby news:

I've been to the Dr. every week for the last 2 weeks and that will continue for the next 2 weeks.  My blood pressure was quite high at my usual monthly checkup a couple of weeks ago so I had to go in again a week later to have it checked again.  Totally sucks.  It's not preeclampsia, it seems to just be some underlying hypertension, but my Dr. is still concerned and wants it monitored.  So I have blood pressure cuff at home and I keep track of my BP during the week.  I really wonder if it's just stress enduced.  There has been so much going on around here lately and the day my reading was first so high was the day before my Mom moved.  So I'm just trying to watch my diet, get some exercise and reduce my stress level (yeah right).   So far the baby's heartrate has been excellent and my Dr. says my weight is fantastic so I must be doing ok otherwise.

We have our first ultrasound this Friday!  I can't believe that in just a few days we will (hopefully, depending on the modesty of this child) know what we are having.  Brad keeps saying he wants a pony.  Somehow I think he may be confused about what's going on here Tongue out!  I just want a healthy baby.  I know everyone says that, but it's true.  I figure we'll fall in love with this baby no matter what gender it is. 

I'm hoping to get some knitting done this afternoon.  Maybe I can have some progress shots or even some FO shots to share soon.  If you're still reading, thanks for sticking with me!

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