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Welcome Fall

Posted on September 26, 2007 at 4:03 pm, by knitwit
in Category Knitting, Life

Ah, Autumn has finally arrived.  We're having a glorious Fall day here, warm and breezy.  You'd mistake it for spring if it weren't for the changing hues of the trees.  I had planned to do some knitting and finish my Bog Jacket, but instead I have been languishing out of doors.  You never know if this may be the last warm Fall day, so one must enjoy it!

There has been some knitting.  I started a baby sweater–an EZ style yoked cardigan in Swish Superwash DK from Knit Picks. So far the yarn is nice and soft, but I wonder how it will hold up to machine washing.  I just hand blocked my swatch hat, so we'll see.  Could be a recipe for disaster, but that's the way things go around here.  I love living on the edge. 

I should, however, be thinking of adult sweaters–for me for once!  As the days grow colder, my belly will grow bigger and Momma needs something to keep her fat body warm!  Despite how everyone tells me how hot you get when you're pregnant,  I live in South Dakota.  It's cold here!  And I keep my drafty, old house on the chilly side through the winter, luxouriating under afghans and wool sweaters instead of paying the gas company an arm and a leg.  And yes, I know that will have to change once the Small Fry arrives so let me enjoy one last winter of sticking it to the gas man.  

Perhaps the urgency to knit sweaters will return later, when it gets colder again.  For now, I think I'll retire to the front porch with a book to enjoy the remainder of the day. 

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Finally Sharing the News!!!

Posted on September 19, 2007 at 3:35 pm, by knitwit
in Category Baby knitting, Blankets, Fun Stuff, Knitting, Life

There has been a real lack of blogging–and lack of knitting–around Chez KnitWit this summer.  And I'll give you some clues why…..

My knitting is "mysteriously" shrinking….

         baby knits on bog jacket

It's not my birthday but I've gotten lots of cards and gifts….


And, my library now contains a plethora of new reading materials which have kept me busy and informed:

(I seriously did not buy all of these books!  I only bought one, the rest have been thoughtfully gifted to me!)

So there you have it, dear readers.  And you are all so smart I'm positive you've figured out the riddle by this time!  That's right, we're getting a puppy–no wait, that's what Brad's hoping for….WE'RE HAVING A BABY! 

I'm 15 weeks along and due March 12.  I know most moms-to-be in the blog-iverse announced their news far earlier in their pregnancies, but it took us awhile to inform all of our family and friends and I didn't want people to find out via the internet!!  So hopefully, if you're a friend or family member reading this, you already know the news.  If not, please forgive me, I'm blaming all of my forgetfulness on pregnancy brain!

So here's the lowdown…Now that I am happily in the 2nd trimester, I can feel pretty good about being pregnant.  I've gotten over the scary first trimester worries, I've got my energy back and I'm still in my regular clothes.  Not too shabby!  The first trimester, I was worthless!  I have to admit I have had it a lot better than some of the other soon to be moms whose blogs I've been reading.  I have had no bouts with morning sickness.  I've had only mild smell aversions (garlic and garbage–both make me turn green!) and no food aversions–and yet I'm still in my regular clothes (whoo hoo!).  It was the fatigue that killed me.

I was horribly tired the first several weeks.  I'm not usually a nap person, but seriously by 3:00 I was miserably tired.  I finally had to admit I needed naps, and would conk out as soon as my head hit the pillow, only to wake up 2-3 hours later!  And then sometimes I'd only wake up if the phone rang or Brad came home from work!  (of course it didn't help that I was getting up 4-5 times a night to go to the bathroom.  Talk about interrupted sleep!)  I think B was actually quite worried about me, not just because of the fatigue, but my sudden lack of interest in doing anything –including and especially knitting!  He was sure I had some sort of post-partum depression only pre-partum!  All I felt like doing was sitting on the couch, watching TV. I had just signed up for a water aerobics class the day I found out I was pregnant, and it was so hard trying to get myself to class at 5:00.  The thought of exercising was a miserable one!  But once I was in the water and moving, it felt great.  It was low impact and you could move at your own pace, it was perfect.  Not to mention the 5 weeks during which I was taking the class were some of the hottest of the summer!  I felt better after class, energized enough to go home and make dinner and maybe take a walk with B but I was ready for bed again by 9!

At 12 weeks I had an appointment with my doctor where we were finally going to listen for the heartbeat.  B came along for this appointment and we're both glad he did.  I'd read so much about how sometimes it's hard to hear the heartbeat with a doppler, even at 12 weeks so I was trying  not to expect too much.  But as soon as my Dr. touched the wand to my belly we could hear a little thumpity thumpity thump, loud and clear!  My Dr. said it sounded really good and strong.  It was awesome!  I don't think we really thought it was real until then.  I think that was sort of a reality check for B.  Although I still don't think it will really sink in for him until I start to show.  After that we finally started feeling like we could safely tell everyone.  Labor Day we finally spilled the beans to B's parents and after that it was like tidal wave, we were telling everyone and getting phone calls and emails from tons of family and friends.  I thought, man, is this what it takes to get our phone to ring???  Then the cards and gifts started showing up.  It's wonderful to know that we have a great family and circle of friends who will be just as anxious and excited about this baby as we are. 

So now that I've got my desire to knit back, there will hopefully be more posts on the blog in the upcoming weeks.  For the details on the baby knits in the above picture you can check out my Knits 2007 page.  I'll keep you posted on how all the knitting and baby plans are going!




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Rain Rain Go Away

Posted on September 18, 2007 at 10:26 am, by knitwit
in Category Knitting, Life

I had planned on taking some pictures, but the grey, rainy weather we're having here is totally preventing good picture taking.  Bleh.  This weather is making me nuts.  We had a week of strangely cold weather, highs only in the 60's and frosty nights.  I was urgently feeling the need to get started on some sweaters when a front came through and the cold weather left and in it's place was 90 degrees and about 99% humidity!  Ugh.  I actually had to turn my AC back on!  Stupid weather.  So now, not only has my desire for sweater knitting gone with the wind, but it's too overcast to take pictures of anything I had planned on taking pictures of.  Oh well, guess I'll just curl up on the couch and see if I can't accomplish finishing a few projects.  Just more to take pictures of once the weather cooperates.  Happy knitting all!

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Stay tuned for upcoming news

Posted on September 14, 2007 at 10:37 am, by knitwit
in Category Knitting

Once every 2 weeks seems to be about the best I can do around here for blog posts, but I'm hoping to remedy that soon.  There has been knitting–precious little, and a little precious.  And hopefully I can have some pics and stuff soon.  I also have some news to share but that may have to wait a day or 2 longer.  Check back soon, there will be knitting pictures in the very near future!

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