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Finally a FO!

Posted on August 30, 2007 at 2:24 pm, by knitwit
in Category Baby knitting, Knitting

There has been a serious lack of knitting around Chez KnitWit lately.  Call it a summer slump.  I finished my monstrous log cabin baby blanket back in June and that's all I've accomplished since then!  Until today…

Baby surplus
(click all images to enlarge)

This is Elizabeth Zimmermann's Baby Surplice Jacket from Spun Out #43

This is my first attempt at knitting this (or any of EZ's baby jackets) pattern and I wasn't sure what to think at first.  It sounded like a great concept–a v-neck wrap around sweater that could grow with the baby.

Close up of v-neck   buttons 

but as I began the increases for the sleeves, I wasn't sure what EZ was thinking.

close up of sleeve increases

But as usual, EZ knew what she was doing and the increases created a very cute, mitred sleeve.  I'm guessing it's probably elbow length, I chose not to make the sleeve longer as I was just testing out the pattern.  And I chose to use button closures instead of the i-cord belt.  It just seemed simpler to me.

Baby surplice inside

With no baby to test this on, I am wondering how the sweater will "grow".  Because both of the buttons are under the front flap, one of them will have to be moved in order to increase the size of the sweater circmference.  And I'm wondering if the phoney side seams will start to look wonky as you increase the size of the sweater and the body begins to wrap farther around.  Has anyone out there made this sweater?  If so, could you let me know how it works in use? I plan to make a little hat and booties to go with the sweater and if nothing else, it will be a nice gift set to have handy for the many friends and family members who are becoming new moms.

You can see more specs on the Baby Surplice Jacket on my Knits 2007 page.   Also posted on the Zimmermania blog here


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Fetch me a straightjacket, there’s bats in my Belfry

Posted on August 14, 2007 at 11:35 pm, by knitwit
in Category Life

Or at least in my house. 

Our County Fair is going on this week and last night B's parents came up to check out the exhibits with us.  We had a perfectly pleasant time stuffing our faces with BBQ beef sandwiches, corn on the cob, homemade ice cream and of course, chislic, and looking at all of the animals and 4-H exhibits and so on. 

We got home around 9:15 and Mike and Susie came in the house to collect their things and get in the last potty breaks before hitting the road.  We said our goodbyes and then I walked into the living room to shut the drapes before heading up to bed.  B and I were just talking over the night's events when suddenly a dark shadow fluttered across the ceiling–only it was no shadow.  It began rapidly circling the ceiling and that's when I knew what it was.

I hit the deck so fast I'm surprised I didn't injure myself.  While I was squealing like a little girl, Brad jumped into the hallway and started yelling at me to run out so he could shut the door and trap the bat.  There was no way I was getting to my feet.  I think if a military recruiter had seen the speed of my belly crawl across the living room I'd be packed up an on my way boot camp right now. 

We have 2 sets of doors that lead out from our living room; one into a hallway, and a set of French doors into the dining room.  B ran around and shut both sets of doors successfully trapping the winged intruder in the living room.  –Just an interjection here, we own a very large, very lazy cat named Eddie.  Eddie

Eddie had given NO indication, upon our entering the house, that a large flying rat was circling our living room.  Said cat may be looking for a new home as he is UTTERLY USELESS in home protection and defense!  But I digress–I had just thrown some sheets into the laundry room to be washed so I tossed one of those to Brad along with the broom and he bravely went forth (like a "mideaval warrior"  his words, not mine)  to battle the bat.  I watched from the safety of the dining room, quietly doing a pee-pee dance while hoping that nothing in the living room got broken as B was swinging the broom to herd the bat out of the corner above the fireplace mantle.  When the bat started circling again, my quiet pee-pee dance turned into a squealing and weeping dance while all I could think of to yell in support was "Don't let it bite you!" 

B, (with the "cat like reflexes of a ninja warrior") weilding broom sword in one hand and sheet for a sheild in the other, dodged and ducked and finally stunned the bat.  With the intruder defensless, and sprawled on the floor in front of the fireplace, Brad pounced.  In seconds, the evil, nasty, dirty, disgusting bat was scooped up in the sheet and B ran for the door.  I had death on my mind, but B who is much more humane and appreciative of bats (in their proper place) released the bat back into the wild where he could find another unsuspecting homeowner to torment. 

I then made my knight in shining armor canvas the entire house in search of other nasty creatures that may be lurking in the dark depths of my walk-in closet or bathroom shower.  All was clear.  But the natives were not to have a restful sleep.  Mine was the sleep of the utterly traumatized.  No matter how many times B assured me that the likelihood of the bat returning was practically nil, I still had visions of bats dancing around my ceiling taunting me as I hid beneath the covers.

Hey, I can be brave in all kinds of situations, but when it comes to furry creatures that fly around your living room and you have no idea how they got there, all bets are off.


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Question for you knitters.

Posted on August 4, 2007 at 2:27 pm, by Dr. Jones
in Category Knitting

Hey there!

The hubby here…

Got a question for you knit-o-pheliacs out there.

If I could make a decent quality yarn swift (thinking umbrella style) for a resonable price, would there be any interest in that?

I was also thinking about making sock blockers as well.  They would be a quarter inch thick and sanded smooth on all surfaces to prevent snagging.  Any takers?

Obviously, I would make these for the Knitwit herself first to be my guinea pig, but I was just curious if anyone else might be interested.  Once I make these for her, Knitwit will surely post about them.

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