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Happy Spring

Posted on April 10, 2007 at 1:48 pm, by knitwit
in Category Life

My Ass….

snow in april

snow in april

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I’m gonna build me a Log Cabin

Posted on April 5, 2007 at 5:57 pm, by knitwit
in Category Knitting

I decided to take a break from working on Bog Jacket #2 and build a Lob Cabin:

Log Cabin

I've worked up a few swatches/squares and just have to decide what color pallette I want to use.

Log CAbin swatches

I'm using acrylic yarn *gasp*!  I know, some of you have just cringed in horror, but I plan on making this into a baby log cabin blankie and I want the new mommy to be able to throw it into the washing machine whenever need be.  I know some of you would say, then why not use cotton, but I have a bit of an issue with knitting a $50 baby blanket.  Plus I think cotton still has to be treated with some care and I know the busy mom who is my intended recipient is just going to appreciate the easy care of acrylic more. 


I too often sing the praises of natural fibers and I absolutely refuse to knit a sweater in anything but natural fibers, but for blankets, I have to admit, I stick to the acrylic.  Not just because it's easy care, but honestly because cotton can get awfully stretched out and it can be very expensive when you're talking about multiple colors to create a colorful log cabin blanket.  Someone prove me wrong and I'll eat my words!

So, for those of you still with me (who haven't abandoned ship at the mere thought of synthetic acrylic yarn touching wee baby's skin), all I have left to do is choose the color pallette:

            Square 1


I like the first swatch: pale blue, celery green, pale gold, cranberry.  Unfortunately, I only have 3 oz of the pale gold and thus not enough for the whole blanket.

I plan on alternating the colors like so–the next square, the blue will be at center, the red will be the first concentric square around the center, then the yellow, then the green.  Next square the green will be at center and so on and so forth.   

               Square 2 

Square 2

This square shows the next progression of colors, with the pale gold haveing been replaced by a color called sandstone that I think reads like an antique gold next to the other colors.

            Square 3

Square 3

Square 3 is rather a departure from the first 2, with the sandstone and celery green remaining, but the blue and red being replaced by a robins egg blue (more of a pale turquoise) and persimmon (not as bright an orange as it seems in the picture, more subtle).  These colors remind me of Easter basket colors, very spring-y, very baby like if you ask me.

       Square 4

square 4

This square is incomplete because I knew by the time I got a few rows into the green I wasn't digging it.  It's hard to tell from the picture, but what looks like a cream color is actually a baby yellow.


It looks rather pukey with the green.  New Mom will probably be seeing enough baby spit up, she doesn't want to be reminded of it in her kid's blanket.  However, without the green, just using the orange, blue and yellow together wasn't too bad. 

I think option 2 or 3 will be the winner.  Any ideas from anyone?  Anyone else have a log cabin to share?

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