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Posted on July 28, 2006 at 1:56 pm, by knitwit
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Hello World!  Just what you needed, right, another blog to read.  In the world of blogs, this is just one more mouth to feed so to speak, isn't it??  Feel free to groan and go back the blogs you're already committed to reading.  But just in case you decide to stick around…here goes…

Should anyone find reason enough to read this blog, here's a bit about me, Emily, to start with….

I knit.  (Hence the title).  No really, I knit….a lot!  My day consists of knitting starting immediately after breakfast (sometimes before) and continuing–with occasional breaks for necessary activities like eating and peeing– until about 5 minutes before hubby gets home (when I rush to the kitchen to throw something together for dinner) and often continues in the evening til bedtime.  Like I said, I knit a lot!  I am lucky enough to have a husband, Brad,  who tolerates and even encourages this passion, maybe just because he hopes it will allow him more free time to hang out in the garage to work on his passion–cars.  He loves tools, I love yarn, it's a surpisingly well balanced relationship!  A computer guru by day, my hubby has helped me get started on this blog thing…I'm still learning, be patient.  I think he felt it would be a good idea for me so I would stop talking to him about things like interchangeable needles, Fair Isle patterns, poorly written lace charts, gauge swatches…etc etc…. 

I have a little business where I sell some of my hand knits.  You can check it out here. I love to design new patterns and work with people to make something they'll really love.  It's my attempt to spread my love of knitting to the world and lessen the stash when it starts spilling out of the closets and invading the bathroom, cat's room, the whole house in general.   It's a work in progress but like I said, I have a pretty awesome hubby who lets me do this full time, so I hope someday to be successful enough to recover from yarn buying debt and maybe see my name on the cover of a book of my own patterns or something like that. 

So that's pretty much what this blog will be about–my escapes and adventures in knitting with some other life stuff thrown in.  Hope you stick around.   



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